Thursday, December 3, 2009

Comment on Fitness Rocks re the Evolution podcast

It was very cool, that Dr. Rubin (and crew) figured out that their missing link would be in rock that was (?) 325 million years old, because they knew when the descendants and ascendants were found in the fossil record. Wow: a "fish" with a neck and elbows, and walkie-things in the fins -- very likely our ancestor.

It was fascinating, but the podcast was light on how evolution relates to our modern health predicaments, and especially how we should be eating.

By coincidence, last week I encountered something new, the Paleo Diet. It's advocates say that we are not evolved to eat grain and dairy products, sugar and salt. Instead, we should be eating like our ancestors did, 10,000 years ago: meat, vegetables, fruit, nuts and roots (?). That's close to your familiar plant-based diet prescription, Monte -- leaving aside the meat. Paleo's hold that the wild game our species ate millenia ago was much leaner (and healthier) than our modern meat. Sounds credible to me: feedlots are all about adding fat, right?

I don't know if these Paleo people are crazy. I chanced on a podcast, featuring a guy with a seemingly strong science background -- a PhD. in biochemistry (maybe?) and a former Olympic class body-builder!! It sounded good, but I haven't read up on it yet.

If you're interested, this page has abstracts of Paleo-related scientific papers, most with links to the journal articles. Dr. Loren Cordain is the main man, according to the podcast, and he's featured on the linked page.

Insulin resistance is a focus of the Paleo crew -- which piques my interest, since I'm a recovering diabetic (my last A1C was 5.6, joy!). The podcaster was adamant about health problems in modern societies, because of a 20-1 ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 fats in the typical American diet -- asserting that it should be closer to 1-to-1. I think the guy dissed flax seed oil -- he definitely was an advocate for fish oil supplementation.

I'll email you if / when I learn more about the Paleo thing.

I am so glad you're back! I'm passing through all the podcasts a second time -- but it's great that there are new 'casts coming. YAY!

- Hoyt

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