Thursday, December 10, 2009

DropBox: Switching out the music with ease is a service that synchronizes files across the internet.

Today I put it to good use for the first time. I decided to would listen to the most recent 5 remastered Beatles albums at work today. So, this morning, I copied the albums to the DropBox folder on my home computer.

About 20 minutes after I turned on my notebook at work, the Beatles music was there in the notebook's DropBox folder.

It couldn't be much easier.

Do any operations on the DropBox folder -- adds, deletes -- and they are reflected in however many other computers have the DropBox client installed, associated with your account. When I'm done with the Beatles, I'll move some Frank into the folder; it's the anniversary his birthday Saturday.

DropBox gives you 2GB of space for free. The next price point is unfortunately expensive: $10/month for 50GB. If they charged by the GB, I'd sign up for 10GB for $1/month.

Maybe I'll suggest that.

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